SANDY GOODALL Sail Design Consulting

Sail Design Instruction

Traditionally, there was only one way to learn sail design. You worked for years for an experienced sailmaker, and hoped to learn everything your employer was willing to teach you. A time-consuming process at best! Just try to find a modern sailmaking school, or even good books on the finer points of current sail design techniques, using up-to-date computer tools!

Now, you can receive personalized, one-on-one training.....on site at your loft, or in your home.....specialising in SmSw6, PatchTool and PatternSmith software.

Already an experienced sail designer? Need to switch software, steepen your learning curve, sharpen your skills, or just get a second opinion?

You're a sailor, not a sailmaker, but you want to learn more about sail aerodynamics, sail shapes, sail trim, and the principles of sail design? Improve not only your sailing performance, but also your collaboration with your sailmaker, by acquiring the relevant tools and background knowledge.


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SANDY GOODALL Sail Design Consulting