Anbefalet Læsning Vedrørende Aerodynamik og Sejl:


  1. "Aero - Hydrodynamics Of Sailing", C. A. Marchaj

  2. "High Performance Sailing", Frank Bethwaite

  3. "Maximum Sail Power", Brian Hancock

  4. "Sail Performance", C. A. Marchaj

  5. "Sail Power", Wallace Ross

  6. "Sailing Yacht Design / Theory + Practice", (to bøger) Claughton, Wellicome and Shenoi

  7. "Ships and Seafaring in Ancient Times", Lionel Casson

  8. "The Art and Science of Sails", Tom Whidden / Michael Levitt

  9. "The Best of Sail Trim", (især artiklerne skrevede af Arvel Gentry)

  10. "The Sailmaker's Apprentice", Emiliano Marino

  11. "The Symmetry of Sailing", Ross Garrett

  12. "Seahorse" magazine, (

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