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version 2.10, by ToolCo

PatchTool is used by the sail designer to design sail corner reinforcement patches. With PatchTool, you can design radial or traditional "stack" patches, or a combination of both. Because PatchTool is a "stand alone" program, it can be used by any sailmaker, regardless of which sail design software is being used.

PatchTool produces a file containing the perimeter description of all the individual parts of the patch, or set of patches. These patch pieces can then be nested and plotted or cut just like sail panels. (The PatchTool output file can be customized to any format, on receipt of the appropriate information.)

In PatchTool, you can define and save patch definitions, called patch "templates". The patch template contains information about patch size, perimeter shape, and numbers of gores or layers. Patch templates record data as percentages of sail size, so they can be applied (and scaled) to sails of any size.

PatchTool enables you to import sail data (sail perimeter dimensions and curvature, corner angles, and sail details) directly from a SmSw (Sailmaking Software) design. Users of other sail design software can quickly and simply enter that data manually. Based on this data, you can design patches for head, tack, clew, and reef patches. Patch shapes can easily be copied to other sail corners or reef rows, and their sizes easily altered.

PatchTool gives you close-up views of the patches, and their positions on the sail. Editing of the patch perimeters can be numerical or graphical. Patches can be saved, and exported for nesting, either separately, or together with the appropriate sail panels.


Consistent patch design by storing patch templates in a format relative to sail size.

Visual verification of patches in close-up or "on the sail" views. Graphical "Quick Edit" tool.

Radial and "stack" patches for the 3 corners of a sail including up to 3 reefs, and consisting of up to 21 layers of material, fitted to the corner angles of the sail, or any user-defined angles.

Unrestricted shaping of the perimeter of each patch, using line segments, splines, or arcs.

Print-out of "sail view" with patches, patch design data, or offsets for hand-cutting.

Option of wedge-shaped gores to decrease material build-up, individual seam-width for each gore.

Reads SmSw (v.5 or 6) design files to obtain sail perimeter measurements, shapes, and sail detail locations.

Saves to Autometrix .NTV or .NST file formats for nesting and cutting, or prints offsets to paper for manual cutting.

PatchTool can fit patches to specific gorewidths (e.g. pre-cut tapes), as well as force patches to comply with ISAF(IYRU) or class rules.


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