SANDY GOODALL Sail Design Consulting

Azure Project

Sail design software by SMAR Azure.

The latest addition to the world of sophisticated sail design tools!

1) Add those missing detail markings to your sail designs (slides, hanks, telltales, windows, etc.). More accuracy, less crawling on your knees.

2) Super computational accuracy eliminates the need for traditional "second layout" fairing of assembled sail edges. Save time and material!

3) High resolution graphics display of multiple sails on complete 3D hull and rig package. Produce high quality illustrations of your designs.

4) Highly flexible design tools enable the design of all types of sails. Everything from aspins to gaff sails.

5) Sophisticated fiber layout design tool, can interface with any stringing machine.

6) Corner reinforcement patch design tools included.

7) Aero, structural, and aero-elastic analysis of proposed sail designs.

8) Generate any of the major public file formats, and interface with any cutting or stringing machine.

9) Full time programming staff. Speedy and frequent updates.

10) One-on-one instruction available, on site at your loft.

For details, contact: SMAR Azure at , or Sandy Goodall at...

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SANDY GOODALL Sail Design Consulting